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• SJ Jewelry Supply LLC
2725 North 24th Street
Suite 1
Phoenix, AZ 85008
(Embossing Sheets)



• Bead Glass
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Exclusive Lampworking Retailer)

• 2Wards Polymer Clay
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Exclusive Polymer Clay Crafts Retailer)

• The Whimsical Bead Studio - Polymer Clay
Healesville, Victoria
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Artisan Workshop Supporter)



• Nortel Manufacturing Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Exclusive Retailer)



• Bead Box/Gunnar Haag
(Online Only)
(Lumiere Lusters)



• Artyco
(Online Only)
(Lumiere Lusters)



• Art Lampwork Moscow
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Exclusive Retailer)


United Kingdom:

• Tuffnell's
East Yorkshire
(Lumiere Lusters ~ Exclusive Retailer)


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If you are interested in learning about our minimums & partnering with us, please contact Renee Wiggins with your specific interests. We're happy to discuss our item specific minimums, payment options, fees (such as PayPal, if any) and shipping options with you.