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Handy items for your creations!

Stainless Steel Micro Spoon

Great little spoon on one side for taking out just the right amount of product from the jars. Scoop them back in with the handy spatula side. Approx. 8.5" long.

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Stainless Steel Container/Funnel

Help keep flakes & powders in check while working with them in this heat safe container. When done, angle the container's open end downward at the corner & scrape the rest back into the jar. Approx. 40mm x 60mm x 15mm

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Long Silver Plated Pendant Blank

Beautiful & sleek; this pendant blank is ready to be filled with your creations! Heavy sterling silver plating over brass with a simple fixed bail & beautifully polished on all sides. Handmade in short runs, & limited in stock. Approx. 6 cm from bottom to top of bail; 1 cm inside width; .5 cm depth.

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