Changeable jewelry by Renee WigginsChangeable Ring Tops - Tools & Supplies

Make your own changeable lampworked ring tops using these wonderful tools & jewelry components! To get started, choose a mandrel with the base size of your choice, screw on a nut in the size(s) you want for your top, & you're on your way!. Read more to learn how.

About our rings, sizing & components:

Our changeable rings are made of stainless steel & professionally finished with a brushed or polished surface on the outside, a shiny polished interior with a gently rounded edge for comfort, & a threaded shank to change your ring top with. They have metric 2.5mm threading. Our polished rings are sized in millimeter increments, & the inside diameter is noted in our item descriptions. It should be noted these sizes may not translate to be a "true" US size. We've done our best to reference to the nearest common US size. If in doubt of your ring size, please check with a ring sizing mandrel that includes millimeters or a professional jeweler.

Our tools are made to couple specifically with the threading on our rings, & are compatible with all Rico Design "Sunset Boulevard" changeable components, RingDing©, JetAge Studio interchangeable decorative components as well as other components with 2.5mm metric threading.

We offer a selection of items to change and couple with your jewelry to suit your mood; all you have to do is simply unscrew the top from your ring and layer with a base design! Tops and components only need to be finger tightened with the included silicon spacer ring in place to be secure. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Changeable ring top Tutorial from JetAge Studio


Free PDF Tutorial - "How to use Changeable Ring Top Tools"

This tutorial shows you how to work with these tools to make your own changeable ring cabochon tops. This is a 2 page PDF. It is readable with Adobe Acrobat version 5 or better. Download this free copy to see if you're interested in making tops of your own!

*Soft glasses are best recommended for our tools, but hard glasses can be used if the tools are kept out of the direct flame. See our tips here.




JetAge Studio changeable toolsWhat you need to get started making your own changeable jewelry:

• At least one changeable stainless steel ring or pendant.

• At least one threaded mandrel with your choice of threaded disk base size.
Our threaded mandrels are 9.5" in length, and have a threaded head to accommodate our base disks & metric 2.5mm hex nuts which couple with the rings.

• Hex shaped nuts - Made of stainless steel and sold in packs of 20 of your choice of heights.The 4mm hex nuts are the most popular height, although some have found that since our rings have slightly longer posts now and then, the cab might not screw all the way down to the ring shank. Easily remedied if you add a thin decorative element (like a washer) to the ring before screwing on the top, but some prefer the 6mm if they only want a cab on the ring with no other elements, to ensure it screws down all the way. The "mix" of our two heights is recommended for first time users to get a feel for what works best for your needs.

The rest is up to your imagination!

Ready to get started?    
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Care of your stainless steel jewelry:

Care is easy for these rings & jewelry, but there are a few points I'd like to mention.

Jewelry grade stainless steel such as these rings rarely tarnish with wear. But, like other jewelry items, metals need a little TLC from time to time. I recommend cleaning your rings with a non-abrasive cleaner, and follow the grain of the finish with a soft cloth to avoid any scratching. Special care should also be taken while cleaning the bare ring. The threaded screw is securely attached to the ring shank, however you should be careful while cleaning to not be too aggressive, risking damage to the threads or bending the shaft itself. If you find there is grit or dirt in the threads of the shank post, take a soft toothbrush with soap or dish detergent to dislodge the debris, dab off the excess water and let air dry.

Finishes, either brushed or shiny can benefit from an occasional polish with a non toxic stainless steel liquid polish or polishing cloth made for jewelry. The oils in the liquid or cloth will bring luster back to a dull surface.